Cinnamon: the spice of life for farmers

Posted Date: 09/25/2019

Cinnamon might smell like Christmas to many in the West, but to some Vietnamese farmers, it smells like prosperity.The spice has been long seen by farmers of Phong Dụ Thượng Commune in the northern province of Yên Bái as a path to escaping poverty.In recent years, demand for cinnamon has become greater than ever and has helped...

EU offers export opportunities

Posted Date: 08/15/2018

Việt Nam, with strength as a tropical agricultural country, has been integrating deeply into the global economy as it can produce a variety of agricultural products with high nutritional and commercial value.

18 Amazing Benefits Of Cinnamon & Its Oil

Posted Date: 07/06/2018

Cinnamon is one of the most popular spices in flavoring and medicinal uses. Although cinnamon oil has numerous health benefits, it often causes irritations and allergic reactions. Therefore, people prefer to use the spice directly instead of using the oil. This article provides the health benefits of cinnamon and its oil as well.

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